Leather and Pearls

March 28, 2013

Top: Forever 21 (similar here) | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Bag: BCBGeneration (similar here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: Express

My hubby, daughter and I went on a mini vacation to Jacksonville, FL over spring break. We stayed right on the water and the view was amazing. It was just what I needed to get re-energized for my next quarter of school and it was a fashion bloggers dream. I'm pretty Forever 21 crazed right now because their prices can't be beat and their clothes are very trendy/stylish. Fast fashion is definitely taking over my wardrobe this spring. Enjoy the photos!

Runway To Real Way

March 26, 2013

As the international fashion week circuit comes to a wrap, I have been very excited to see how my fellow Fashionistas/os interpret their favorite runway trends for their own style. Sometimes the best fashion show is the one that happens on the street. Whether it be the mixing of your favorite prints together or wearing corresponding neon colors from head to toe, the streets are always the best place to look for wardrobe inspiration.

Spring break is officially over and that means it’s time to get your head back into the books. Getting back to the grind is always a difficult challenge but when needing that added push of energy this week, look to your wardrobe. It’s the one place you can always count on to make you feel superior. The runway is a fabulous place to find high end, luxurious clothing but let’s get real, when it comes to comfort and practicality, the runway is not the place for you. This week’s Fashionisto has turned runway style into real way style.

When wanting a runway style look without all the hassle, try choosing your favorite textures and mixing them together. A calfskin leather jacket is the perfect start for this catwalk inspired look. Leggings are catching on more and more in the boy department, and Ralph Lauren has the right pair for you here. Moving on down, your feet will need an eye-catching boot to attract the front row of your walkway. Gucci has a wonderful boot that even Bill Cunningham would want to photograph. Remember, to achieve a runway worthy look, find innovative ways to interpret your favorite trends.

Hint: Try pairing a calfskin leather jacket with a pair of leggings and then slip on a striking pair of leather boots. For that extra kick in your outfit, a masculine bag is the way to go. Bottega Veneta has the perfect bag for you here.

BCBG Spring Accessory Must-Haves

March 24, 2013

I'm really enjoying all of the new accessories from BCBGMAXAZRIA. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these beauties. Let me know which one is your favorite. :) 

Feelin' Sassy

March 20, 2013

My hubby and I went down to Jacksonville, FL for a mini vaca. Here's the outfit I wore on the way down. Flowers and studs are my new thing.

Top: Michael Kors (old)

Purse: BCBGeneration (similar here)

Shoes: Sole Society

Pants: Forever21

I love mixing textures and colors together. I think the best way to achieve this look is to choose textures that you normally wouldn't put together. The contrasting fabrics and colors will create a composition that's sure to surprise you.

Alicia G. 

Casually Hot Or Cold

March 19, 2013

Hola Fashionistas/os! As far as the weather is concerned, Savannah can’t seem to make up its mind lately. Chilly days are mixed in with just as many warm days and your wardrobe is definitely the one paying for it. You spend your mornings looking through your closet for the perfect short only to realize that it’s freezing outside. Don’t let the sun trick you this week. Here’s an easy outfit alternative to work in any weather situation, hot or cold.

After all the hype of spring break, here we are sitting in what still seems like winter weather. Magazines are filled with articles on “what to wear for spring” but it seems as if spring is long out of sight. For an easy outfit that will keep you warm in the morning but cool during the day, the key is to dress in layers. The more you put on, the more you can take off as the temperatures rise during the day. This week’s Fashionisto has figured out the element to fighting the inclimate weather.

With a blue infinity scarf wrapped around his neck, he definitely isn’t feeling the cold in the morning. Urban Outfitters has the perfect cable knit scarf here. This will be an item you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Layer a casual T-shirt under your scarf and to add some energy to your ensemble, pick a colorful matching pant. To top things off, you’ll need a warm jacket — try the Tony Jacket by Andrew Marc.

Hint: Don’t let the weather play tricks on you this week! Beat the morning cold by dressing in layers. Pair a warm jacket with an infinity scarf and kiss the cold goodbye. Embrace the daytime warmth by taking off layers and wearing an energetic pant with a cool and casual T-shirt. The combination of layers will allow you to beat the weather and enjoy your spring break without any complications.

New Hair, New Lipstick, New Attitude

March 17, 2013

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar here) / Pants: Forever 21 / Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar here) / Wallet: Michael Kors (similar here) / Lipstick: Clinique Chubby Stick 

Finals are over Fashionistas/os and that means I can finally enjoy spring break and get back to my blogging. I'm currently loving pops of bright colors, spikey studs and
lately I've been pretty obsessed with bangs. I've seen the trend build up on the streets and I decided to take the plunge. I have to say that I LOVE my new bangs! They are fun and pretty easy to maintain once you get the hang of it. I also picked up a bright pink lipstick from Clinique and I absolutely love the way it looks. It's amazing how a haircut and new lipstick can make you feel! Why not have a little fun this week and add a pop of color to your ensemble? 

xoxo, Alicia G.

On The Go

March 12, 2013

Finals have arrived my fellow SCAD Bees, and that means spring break is in sight. Although I’m sure most of you have your thoughts set on camping at the beach for a week, let’s not forget to finish this quarter looking remarkable. While most of us have thrown the idea of sleeping out the window to crank out last minute projects, let’s keep ourselves energized through bright clothing selections and endless amounts of coffee.

For the last week of winter quarter, your outfits are probably the last thing on your mind. So this week while you’re on a constant go, keep it simple. This Fashionisto is keeping it basic with a bright T-shirt and an overlaying coat in the same color family. T-shirts are a fun and easy way to bring an outfit to life. As spring break is rolling in closer and closer, tank tops might be a better selection for you island jet setters. Urban Outfitters has a few funky noteworthy graphic tanks here.

Let your T-shirt do all the talking this week and pair it with denim jeans. Levi Brand Jeans is featuring the 501 Original Fit Jean as their monthly go-to pant. Available in a wide variety of washes and colors, you can’t go wrong with this one, Fashionistos. While you’re running out the door for last minute errands, don’t forget to grab a complementing layer for your outfit. I’m really digging these field jackets from Armani Collezioni here.

Hint: While you rush to complete your finals in a frenzied state this week, let’s ensure your outfit doesn’t pay for it, too. For an easy getup that will translate to spring break, pair your favorite colorful tank top with a pair of denim shorts. Slip on some Vans and hang in there because your island spring break getaway is just around the corner.

Style On, 

Sweater Statement

March 5, 2013

As young college students, we are still trying to find our way in the world. Expressing our opinions is a big part of growing into oneself but can be quite scary at times. Why not try wearing what you want to say? Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. This Fashionisto has conquered the art of expression through his clothing. His vintage ’80s newspaper sweater is a refreshing take on a period that was full of rock ‘n’ roll and where opinions where expressed through screaming lyrics. Shopping for vintage items has never been easier with sites like Etsy — I found a very similar sweater here.

Mixing the old with the new is a marvelous way to add a modern retro feel to your outfit. Start by picking out your favorite vintage piece and building off of that. Placing a collared shirt underneath a sweater is very trend forward and can be seen in several runway looks from this year’s New York Fashion Week. Ralph Lauren’s fall 2013 Collection graced the runway with male models drenched in this All-American look.

When choosing a suitable pant for this look, move towards a modern skinny khaki in a fun color. There’s no better way to express oneself then through color, so have fun with it! Through the mixture of color and old vintage pieces, your personal opinion will be displayed for the world to see.

Hint: Vintage doesn’t have to mean boring! Revive a vintage piece to fit in with your style. If you’re a one of a kind guy, then you need to add a one of a kind piece to your wardrobe. Look to Etsy and Urban Outfitters for easy access to the best fashions of the past. Mix your vintage piece with a new modern piece. Try placing a collared shirt underneath a vintage sweater and then choosing a colored khaki to complete your look. Remember, expression doesn’t always mean speaking your mind. Turn your fashion into a palette of silent expression.

Style On, 

What's In My Bag?

March 1, 2013

#1. Dior Addict Lipstick, Palace 354 (I never go out without it) #2. Michael Kors Iphone Case (similar here + here) #3. Nivea Shine Gloss #4. Michael Kors Wallet (similar here) #5. My Business Cards (You just never know who you'll run into) #6. Ralph Lauren Specks  #7. MacBook Air (The most important item in my purse)

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (similar here)

I've been very inspired since joining Independent Fashion Bloggers. I can't believe the amount of talented bloggers there are out there. I recently saw a 'What's In My Bag?" post on a fellow fashion bloggers site and thought, "What a great idea!" So here's my stab at it Fashionistas/os. Enjoy!