Runway To Real Way

March 26, 2013

As the international fashion week circuit comes to a wrap, I have been very excited to see how my fellow Fashionistas/os interpret their favorite runway trends for their own style. Sometimes the best fashion show is the one that happens on the street. Whether it be the mixing of your favorite prints together or wearing corresponding neon colors from head to toe, the streets are always the best place to look for wardrobe inspiration.

Spring break is officially over and that means it’s time to get your head back into the books. Getting back to the grind is always a difficult challenge but when needing that added push of energy this week, look to your wardrobe. It’s the one place you can always count on to make you feel superior. The runway is a fabulous place to find high end, luxurious clothing but let’s get real, when it comes to comfort and practicality, the runway is not the place for you. This week’s Fashionisto has turned runway style into real way style.

When wanting a runway style look without all the hassle, try choosing your favorite textures and mixing them together. A calfskin leather jacket is the perfect start for this catwalk inspired look. Leggings are catching on more and more in the boy department, and Ralph Lauren has the right pair for you here. Moving on down, your feet will need an eye-catching boot to attract the front row of your walkway. Gucci has a wonderful boot that even Bill Cunningham would want to photograph. Remember, to achieve a runway worthy look, find innovative ways to interpret your favorite trends.

Hint: Try pairing a calfskin leather jacket with a pair of leggings and then slip on a striking pair of leather boots. For that extra kick in your outfit, a masculine bag is the way to go. Bottega Veneta has the perfect bag for you here.


  1. Fantastic tips! Love the coat! Although I am so ready for warmer weather over here!

  2. I know, warm weather please arrive! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Alicia G.


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