Casually Hot Or Cold

March 19, 2013

Hola Fashionistas/os! As far as the weather is concerned, Savannah can’t seem to make up its mind lately. Chilly days are mixed in with just as many warm days and your wardrobe is definitely the one paying for it. You spend your mornings looking through your closet for the perfect short only to realize that it’s freezing outside. Don’t let the sun trick you this week. Here’s an easy outfit alternative to work in any weather situation, hot or cold.

After all the hype of spring break, here we are sitting in what still seems like winter weather. Magazines are filled with articles on “what to wear for spring” but it seems as if spring is long out of sight. For an easy outfit that will keep you warm in the morning but cool during the day, the key is to dress in layers. The more you put on, the more you can take off as the temperatures rise during the day. This week’s Fashionisto has figured out the element to fighting the inclimate weather.

With a blue infinity scarf wrapped around his neck, he definitely isn’t feeling the cold in the morning. Urban Outfitters has the perfect cable knit scarf here. This will be an item you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Layer a casual T-shirt under your scarf and to add some energy to your ensemble, pick a colorful matching pant. To top things off, you’ll need a warm jacket — try the Tony Jacket by Andrew Marc.

Hint: Don’t let the weather play tricks on you this week! Beat the morning cold by dressing in layers. Pair a warm jacket with an infinity scarf and kiss the cold goodbye. Embrace the daytime warmth by taking off layers and wearing an energetic pant with a cool and casual T-shirt. The combination of layers will allow you to beat the weather and enjoy your spring break without any complications.


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