On The Go

March 12, 2013

Finals have arrived my fellow SCAD Bees, and that means spring break is in sight. Although I’m sure most of you have your thoughts set on camping at the beach for a week, let’s not forget to finish this quarter looking remarkable. While most of us have thrown the idea of sleeping out the window to crank out last minute projects, let’s keep ourselves energized through bright clothing selections and endless amounts of coffee.

For the last week of winter quarter, your outfits are probably the last thing on your mind. So this week while you’re on a constant go, keep it simple. This Fashionisto is keeping it basic with a bright T-shirt and an overlaying coat in the same color family. T-shirts are a fun and easy way to bring an outfit to life. As spring break is rolling in closer and closer, tank tops might be a better selection for you island jet setters. Urban Outfitters has a few funky noteworthy graphic tanks here.

Let your T-shirt do all the talking this week and pair it with denim jeans. Levi Brand Jeans is featuring the 501 Original Fit Jean as their monthly go-to pant. Available in a wide variety of washes and colors, you can’t go wrong with this one, Fashionistos. While you’re running out the door for last minute errands, don’t forget to grab a complementing layer for your outfit. I’m really digging these field jackets from Armani Collezioni here.

Hint: While you rush to complete your finals in a frenzied state this week, let’s ensure your outfit doesn’t pay for it, too. For an easy getup that will translate to spring break, pair your favorite colorful tank top with a pair of denim shorts. Slip on some Vans and hang in there because your island spring break getaway is just around the corner.

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  1. Love it! This post, and your whole blog. Already followed you on bloglovin', too! I'm thinking of doing a men's style column as well because some of them really get it! But some of them really need help (lol). This breaks it down and makes it simple. Plus, this guy has great style without going over the top in any way. Totally wearable. I feel like lots of guys think that "fashion" equates pink and frills, but it can really be as simple and chic as your fine specimen here.



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