MEET THE WRITER: Here's To The Red, White And Blue!

December 19, 2012

   Hola Fashionistas! In light of the tragic events that have occurred lately I think we are all in need of a  little patriotism. Hail to the Red, White and Blue! 
  With punches of red, I have decided to formally introduce myself to all of my readers this week. My name is Alicia Gonzalez and I am a Sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am studying Fashion Marketing and Marketing and have had a LOVE for Fashion since I could remember. To me, fashion isn't just about material things, it's a way of expressing who you are visually. You can translate moods and historic moments through little treasures that can last a lifetime.
   I grew up in the small town of Gorham, Maine and wasn't exposed to fashion in the same way city kids were. I had to reach far and wide to expose myself to the world of fashion. VOGUE was always an outlet for me. When I graduated High School, I decided to enlist into the U.S.Army. I served for six years as in Information Technology Specialist, which is just a fancy way of saying that I worked on computer networks. After six years of serving, I decided it was time to get out and pursue my dreams of working in the Fashion Industry. 
   Today, I am sporting my tribute colors of red, white, and blue. I think every Fashionista should add a piece of fur (faux, of course) to their wardrobe. I love shopping local boutiques and finding unique pieces. I found my blue ink-blotched pants at Custard in Savannah, Ga. I loved these high-waisted pants at first sight because you can dress them up for a buttoned up look or down for a causal bohemian vibe. I've accented my outfit with a cherry red Dooney and Bourke clutch. I picked this up years ago because of the gold encrusted lion's head on the front, it catches my eye every time. I always try to bring unique pieces into my wardrobe that can easily transition from one outfit to the next. I think it's important to have versatility in all aspects of your attire. When looking for something similar, check out this Michael Kors clutch, it will definitely suit your fancy. Bracelets, bracelets and more bracelets is a fun way to frost off this look. I believe the more layers of bracelets the better. Pick colors that will play off of your outfit well. In this case, I decided to go with gold, cream and blue colors. A couple of these cluster link bracelets by Allen Schwartz would have matched my look too. 
   In retrospect to everything that has been happening in our country, live each day to the fullest and have fun with your wardrobe. Take chances and pursue your dreams to the fullest. Thank you to all my readers for your support. 

Tip: When picking new pieces for your wardrobe, pick colors that can easily be translated to other outfits. When wanting a pop of color, try a cherry red clutch like I'm wearing and pick a style that can easily be dressed up or down. 

Fashion Always,
Alicia G. 

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December 7, 2012

Hola Fashionistas/os! I am taking a small break from my blog to enjoy the Holidays. I will be back shortly. If you need to get ahold of me, please email Thank you and Warm Winter Wishes!

SUGAR AND SPICE: Glitz And Glam With A Taste Of Old Hollywood!

November 27, 2012

   Hola Fashionistas/os! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was filled with delicious food and memories that will last a lifetime. This time of the year always has me reminiscing about old Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and the classic Audrey Hepburn. After watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I couldn't help but feel like Old Hollywood has disappeared a bit on us. So, this week I am bringing it back to you through a little glitz and a touch of glam. 
   I recently had the pleasure of working with Photographer Grace Murney on the set of her Fearful Symmetry shoot. I had the fabulous task of dressing her model's for a high fashion photo shoot. My goal was to achieve an edgy "look" through formal wear. In the end, I found a hint of Old Hollywood Glamour lingering in these pieces. 
   First and and foremost Fashionista's, every girl should own a little black dress. It's the must have staple to every ladies wardrobe. Society will never forget how Audrey Hepburn dazzled us in her little black dress and sunglasses. My Fashionista is wearing a little black sequined dress from my very own closet. I purchased this piece years ago from Banana Republic. You can find a similar piece from BCBGMAXAZRIA. What to pair with this extravagant piece you might ask? A pair of black suede booties from Giuseppe Zanotti would look gorgeous and to lighten the mood, add a gorgeous clutch to hide all your little goodies in from Judith Leiber. For a little "glitz" in your life, a little black dress is the way to go. It's a timeless piece that every woman deserves to have. 
   If you're feening for a more glamourous vibe this week, here's how to get it. My other Fashionista is sporting another look pulled straight off the racks of my closet. She's wearing a pair of faux leather pants with a black see through top that can be purchased from Zara. To finish the look off throw on a faux fur coat and some sparkly earrings. Marilyn Monroe with an edge, if that's even anymore possible, is what this look is going for. When shopping for a look like this, keep your color choices in the same range. Black and grey's go fabulous together when trying to pull off a deep and edgy vibe. 

Tip: To pull these looks even more together, side part your hair and pull it back into a low bun. Draw some cat eyes on those big beautiful baby blues and head on out to Hollywood.

Glitz vs. Glam

Check out my style board for helpful tips when shopping for the Glitz vs. Glam look. 

Alicia G. 

Photo credit:
Photographer: Grace Murney
Models: Chandel McDonie and Winston Caroline Gow
Hair/MUA: Samantha Kristine Waldron
Stylist: Alicia Gonzalez

DENIM ALL OVER:This Fashionista Wears Denim Blues In Different Hues!

November 20, 2012

Denim Blues In Different Hues 
    Denim blues in different hues is our theme for this week Fashionista's! Whether you're cruising down Broughton Street in Savannah, GA or rolling down the Pacific Coast Highway, this look will get you to where you want to be. Long gone are the days of "mom jeans," nowadays jeans are the sexy casual trend that will make you feel like a million bucks. My Fashionista has hit this "look" on the bullseye. 
Thanks to companies like 7 For All Mankind, jeans are available to us in a wide variety of washes AND colors. To perfect my look of the week, pick up a pair of Skinny In Dusk Night Sky jeans. The great thing about skinny jeans is that they flatter all shapes and sizes and they are super easy to accessorize. Pair them with some Frye Riding Boots like my Fashionista or dress them up a tad with these metallic high heels. Whichever you prefer, your look is bound to kill. Polish this trend off with a denim shirt from TOPSHOP or for a rocker feel, wear this graphic t-shirt with a MOTO Denim Worker jacket. The important thing to remember is to mix and match your hues. If you wear a dark wash jean on the bottom, place a light wash denim jean shirt on the top to break up the monotony. The difference of hues will leave a lasting impression on innocent bystanders. 

How To Get The Look!
   Wondering how to finish this ensemble off? For those chilly days, a two toned beanie matched with a chunky belt will do the trick. Or if you're not a "hat" person, a cashmere scarf will have you commanding the streets too. Check out my style board for tips on what to look for when shopping this look. 

Tip: Long gone are the days where denim was considered frumpy. Turn your wardrobe upside down with a variety of denim washed jeans. They are a fabulous addition to your already fabulous wardrobe. Whether you wear them casually or spice them up with a heel, your closet can't go on without a pair. A pair of jeans like these are worth every penny and will last you a lifetime.  

Alicia G. 


SWEATER FETISH: Take Note Of This Fashionista's Posh Style!

November 7, 2012

Take out your pens and a piece paper you studious fashion lovers! It's time to take some notes from my featured Fashionista. After the horrible events caused by Hurricane Sandy, the weather has been a bit "under" the normal weather. This mother nature dilemma is the perfect excuse to throw on your warmest sweater dress and kiss that chill goodbye. Finals are certainly in sight but this week we are going to focus on a different kind of learning experience. I am sure many of you are burning the midnight oil as crunch time becomes less and less apparent but in the words of Stacey Bendet "Taking time to live life will only inspire your work." So drop those books and get ready for this posh styling lesson.
   First things first, my Fashionista is sporting a dress from the Korean brand 59 seconds, you can shop their clothing at websites such as for a very fashion worthy price tag. I also came across primo striped, patterned and color blocked dresses available at Nordstrom's. My style guru has topped her dress off with a black belt and buckle from Kimchi Blue, shop their pieces at Urban Outfitters. To complete this look grab a pair of flats from shoe heaven available at Steve Madden

Style tip: If you are looking for a more casual or comfortable look, wear your dress with a  pair of flats. If you want a dressed up and professional look, combine the Chryssa bootie from Coach and a black pair of tights.  

   Lastly, accessorizing this outfit can be fun and quirky. For a charming and playful vibe, wrap this Queen Alice Toggle Necklace around your neck from Tarina Tarantino. Or if you are going for the clean and polished look, frost yourself off with a Sabine Vintage Rhinestone Necklace. The point is to have fun with it! Let loose a little and let your girlie side shine through this week. Winter is obviously here my lovelies, which means the blues are doomed to set in eventually. Try pulling yourself out of your funk by visually pleasing your audience. Think of it as playing dress up and you're bound to be one happy trendsetter. Pencils down because time's up Fashionista's! Our styling session has now concluded. Now get your head's back in those books and ace those finals!

Fashion Always,
Alicia G.  

VINTAGE CHIC: Class With A Bit Of Sass!

October 30, 2012

   Hola Fashionista's! This week I am mixing things up a bit. Out with the "new" and IN with the "old" sort of speak. For those of you who walk on by those classic vintage shops without peeping in, are missing out on a treasure chest of fabulous finds. With a little effort and a little digging, your money can take you a long way. My favorite thing to do on a saturday morning is shop around local consignments shops. If you are located here in the SAV, check out Cherry Picked Consignments on Broughton St. and I promise you, it will be worth your while. 
   My featured Fashionista this week is wearing one of my very own creations. Although, I am not an aspiring Fashion Designer, I sure did have a fabulous time constructing this piece. I was given an assignment in my Fashion Design class to create a garment using recycled materials. Inspired by a dress I saw made of paper, I decided to put my twist on the idea and use magazine pages as my fabric of choice. I folded each magazine clipping into a "tie" looking shape and then hand sewed each piece onto a hoop skirt (which was purchased at Goodwill for $5, don't underestimate Goodwill!) The top is made from black lace fabric and then I embellished the collar and sleeves with red rosettes. I also sewed on a vibrant blue rope belt around the waist to break up the skirt and top. My look is classic chic with a touch of the 1950's housewife. The 1950's was a post war time where women finally had the right to vote and were now able to hold a career of their own. It was a time where women could finally be comfortable in their own skin. I wanted this new found confidence in women to be portrayed throughout my garment. 

   Now, I know you're probably thinking, does she want me to wear a paper skirt? And the answer is "No!" but if you did I would think it was fabulous! My point is, don't pass up on vintage clothing. Some of the best things in my wardrobe have come from vintage stores. If you're not into the "used" clothing deal then you can shop at boutiques like ModCloth and still get that classic vintage vibe that you are vying for. Try pairing this fabulous peplum dress with these to die for black heels. Top this beautiful ensemble off with a string of pearls and a cozy white fur coat and your look will have achieved class with a bit of sass. 

   So get into those closets of yours Fashionista's and revive some of those potentially dying pieces and bring them back to life! It's important to remember that your look isn't about how much you spend on a piece but how well it's mixing with your entire outfit. 

Style Tip: Take an old top and embellish it with flowers or anything that you want to give it a fresh and up-to-date look. 

Yours Truly,

Alicia G. 

Photographer: Ayden Grace 

Model: Sawyer Greenberg
MUA: Hana Hyman
Designer/Hair: Alicia Gonzalez 

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: Rock This Way Fashionista's!

October 18, 2012

Hola Fashionista's! Is it just me or are we all a little relieved to have made it through midterms? Don't let your head out of the game just yet, finals are right around the corner but don't worry, I have just the styling trick for you. Whoever said rock n' roll was long gone, didn't meet this Fashionista. The 90s might have been full of sex, drugs and rock n' roll but one things for sure, the punk rocker look lives on. Feeling a little rough around the edges this week? Let it show on the outside. Spice up your wardrobe with a few key pieces to achieve the ultimate rocker vibe.  
  My Fashionista's killer blonde locks caught my attention this morning and I just had to know more. This little Fashion devil was sporting bright green Dr Martens. Can we say fab? Dr Martens have been around since the 60s and are a long living trend. Not up for so much color? They come in a wide variety of color choices and patterns, your guaranteed to find a pair to fit your funky taste. Pair them with some black skinny jeans or leather pants (faux, please!). Graphic t-shirts are the perfect way to pull off this look. Nowadays graphic t's can be found just about anywhere but if you're looking for a wear worthy look, check these T's out from Urban Outfitters. Wear what you want to say and don't be ashamed, Fashion after all is about making a statement. 
   Accessorize your look with gold finishings. You can't go wrong with gold and it can easily be paired with other rocking outfits. Gold rings will compliment this trend, take a look at this evil eye ring from House of Harlow and pair it with this arrow drop necklace. Grab yourself a black leather bag from Michael Kors and this look is complete Fashionista's!
   As finals start to creep up on us, don't let your style go crashing down. Sport this look and complete this quarter faster than you can say "Rock on!"

Toodles Fashion Addicts,

Alicia G. 

SCARVES THE LIMIT: Check Out This Fashionista's Fall Look!

October 9, 2012

Good Afternoon Fashionista's! Is it just me or is there a chill present in the air today? Keep those beautiful necks warm by wrapping a one of a kind scarf around it. I found this Fashionista in my 8am Introduction to Fashion Design class in the SAV and just had to snap a pic of her look. This fashion lover accented her chic look with a one of kind scarf she found in Hong Kong, forest green leggings, a denim jacket and leopard print flats! 
   I just love the way she has mixed her printed scarf with different textures. The denim really plays off of the beautiful colors wrapped around her neck, while the leopard print flats complete the look. Mixing different prints together can create a unique look that will definitely have heads turning. 
   Dying to know where to find this look? For a wide selection of funky printed scarfs check out Hermes.You can also find denim jackets in a variety of washes from American Eagle. And don't forget to complete your look with a pair of animal print flats from Tory Burch. Leggings come in a great selection of colors and prints and can be mixed and matched to complete any look. They are versatile and can be worn throughout all seasons. You are guaranteed to find a pair from SHOPBOP that will suit your style. 
  Don't forget that scarves can also be used as funky retro headbands to compliment your tresses on hair emergency days or to give your outfit a bohemian vibe when used as a belt. They are multi-fuctional AND are fashion worthy. 
  Want to have your look featured on my blog? Send me a photo of your trendy look to

Alicia G.

FALL HAS ARRIVED: Dig Out Your Tights Fashionistas!

October 4, 2012

   Good Evening Fashionistas/Fashionistos! Look what I spotted on the lovely streets today. I am a sucker for tights paired with trouser shorts.
Whether you're an early riser or lucky enough to have scored an evening class, these classic tights will warm those long legs from the chill. It's not quite time to pull out the knits here in Savannah but tights are being spotted all over the streets this fall. I suggest wearing them with a plaid short or pair them with your favorite skirt! Don't be afraid to wear them in colors either. I say the more color the more trendy. Make your statement this season through funky and fun printed leggings.
   You can score a pair of tights like these from stores like Topshop for around $30 or for those of you who are on a TIGHT budget (no pun intended!) check out the selection at Target.

Until Next Time Fashion Addicts,

Alicia G.



October 2, 2012

   Hi Fashionista's/Fashionisto's! I have opened up this page to give you full access to my life through Fashion. I am a Fashion Marketing and Management Major at the Savannah College of Art and Design and believe that networking is the best way to get connected within the Fashion Industry. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! Please check out my Facebook page for on the spot trend reports:

Fashion Always,

Alicia G.