Internship Style

April 30, 2013

Greetings Fashoinistos/as! As summer slowly creeps up on us, so does internship season. If you haven’t started applying for every internship under the sun, then now is the time. First things first though, you’ll want to make a great impression. Dressing for interviews can be tricky if you aren’t aware of all the rules. This week’s Fashoinisto teaches just how to stay on track to land that perfect internship position.

When dressing for an interview, you never want to go overboard. Fashion is an amazing outlet but should be used carefully when trying to make a professional statement. For you boys out there trying to climb up the social ladder, try placing a fitted v-neck sweater over a button down shirt. If you’re a fan of color, it’s okay to introduce it into one area of your outfit but don’t go crazy with it. Craving Color? Tie up this teal beauty from Express.

Business men from all over are becoming more and more fashion savvy these days. Fall into their footsteps with a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo penny loafers. Shine them up bright and your first impression is on it’s way to a success. Lastly, suit pants come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. I’m finding the slimmer fit pants very flattering Fashionisto’s and also a great statement maker. You’ll definitely want to try the Photographer Suit Pant by Express here.

hint: Make a lasting impression this week and dress yourself up for success. Not only will you exude confidence in your new look but you’ll also be giving your potential employer one more reason to want to hire you. Pair a light knit sweater over a button down shirt and tie. Slip on a slim fitting pant with a shiny pair of penny loafers. To take your internship style to the next level, place your precious resume in a briefcase. Burberry has the perfect one for you here. Good luck Fashionisto’s and remember, your first impression, is always your last one.

Style On,
Alicia Gonzalez

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Brand Yourself

April 27, 2013

Why is branding yourself so important? In the business world this might be one of the most important things you do. Branding yourself is giving yourself an identity in the fashion business. This is a great way to self-promote yourself or your blog. A personal brand should include but not limited too: a logo, business card, letterhead and eMail signature. As a student who is studying fashion, I was fortunate enough to complete this task for a class assignment. There is no greater feeling then knowing that you created your brand and that it's original. Some great programs that you can work with to create your personal brand are Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6. These two programs have been my saving grace in developing my blog and my personal brand.

Above you will find my final branded products (letterhead, business card, logo and email signature). Check back in a few weeks because I will be revamping the blog and printing my business cards out. I can't wait to show you the final product. When thinking of a logo for your personal brand, stay true to yourself, try working with symbols, symbols with text, text only, etc. You'll know when you get it right. Below are some of my favorite brand logos, I'm sure you'll recognize all of them immediately. 

Alicia G.

Interview Style

April 24, 2013

What I'm wearing: Blazer: BCBG (similar here) | Collared shirt: J.Crew Factory | Skirt: J.Crew Factory | Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar here) | Bag: Michael Kors (similar here) | Watch: Michael Kors 

As some of you might know, I'm currently a student studying Fashion Marketing and Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As summer approaches, so does internship season. I have been applying for internships left and right in hopes of landing the perfect position for the summer. Well, today marked my very first Skype interview (with a fabulous company). It's amazing what the internet is enabling us to do these days. I think my interview went quite well and I will keep you posted on what happens next. But for now, those of you out there that are fighting your way up the corporate ladder like myself, here are some great interview tips to help you along the away. 

tip 1: Research the potential employer
tip 2: Practice answering interview questions - do a mock interview
tip 3: Practice your portfolio presentation 
tip 4: Bring extra copies of your resume 
tip 5: Don't be late! Know where you are going and arrive 15 mins early
tip 6: Ask the interviewer questions about the position, company, latest projects, etc. 
tip 7: Dress appropriately! 

And remember, your first impression, is always your last one! ;) 

Alicia G.

Geek Chic To Beat The Heat

April 23, 2013

Greetings Fashionistos/as! Here in Savannah the weather has turned into a muggy and sticky mess. I think we skipped right over spring and jumped head first into summer. After all the complaining about cold weather, the famous Georgia heat has arrived. Well Fashionistos, this week I’m going to teach you how to, like we use to say in the Army, “Beat the heat.”

Fashion might not be your forte, but a little effort can go a long way. Winter is officially over and now it’s time to pull out the Justin Bieber surfer hairdo. Boys from all over are sporting this easy and maintainable cut. But first and foremost Fashionistos, keep it clean. Long and shabby can be the utmost sexy when kept squeaky-clean. This Fashionisto knows exactly what I’m talking about and he caught my attention with the flip of his hairdo.

I know your energy is probably winding down as midterms intensely approach and your wardrobe might be right there with it. But with a few simple tricks, your style will be back on track in no time. For those days when hitting the snooze button is just too tempting, lift your spirits with your best tropical graphic T-shirt and a pair of American Apparel jeans. Combine these pieces with a comfy zip-up hoodie and your look is on its way to geek chic. Pair this effortless outfit with a pair of Converse All-Stars.
Whether you realize it or not fellas, girls love boys who wear glasses. So toss out those bifocals and try a pair of black frames from Tom Ford. Don’t be reluctant to show off those baby blues, we want to see them! And lastly, for you Fashionistos out there who are lugging around pounds and pounds of books, slip them into a sleek messenger bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Hint: Remember fellas, just because you’re feeling lackluster this week, doesn’t mean your style has to reflect it. Try wearing a bright tropical T-shirt and a pair of casual jeans to beat the heat and you will have successfully achieved this week’s geek chic look.

Style On,
Alicia Gonzalez

Get Em' Before They're Gone

April 18, 2013

Here's where to get it:

 If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I love finding affordable fashion pieces. I don't live on a disposable income and even if I did, I would still be a bargain hunter. I believe that obtaining style and fashion can be accomplished on a budget. This week I've scouted out must have blowout sale items. Keeping spring in mind, I picked items there were colorful and that would add some vibrancy to your wardrobe. These pieces would also translate over to your summer wardrobe effortlessly. Which picks are your favs? 

Alicia G.

Bright Street Style

April 16, 2013

Hola Fashionistos/as! This week, I’m going to talk about obtaining your very own street style. I’m a firm believer in the fact that the streets are the best place to find trends and style. It’s the best fashion show there is; take a look for yourself at this week’s Fashionisto.

I love finding pieces worn by fashion lovers that are current and available in stores now. After all, we are pretty impatient when it comes to fashion. We want what we want and we want it now! If this describes you, then you’ll be pretty pleased to know that this bright and beautiful sweatshirt top from Marc by Marc Jacobs is available in stores at this very moment. Bright colors are taking over the streets this spring. Embrace this gorgeous trend by pairing your top with a trucker’s hat. I found the perfect combo by Poler here.

The rest of your outfit should be constructed carefully. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing, fast. Since orange has taken over the top half of this outfit, let’s darken things up on the bottom with a simple black  jean. The 501 Skinny Fit Jean by Levi’s is the right choice for you here. Slip on a classic pair of Converse All-Stars and you will have accomplished your own street style.

Hint: Street style is a fun and easy way to express your fashion taste. Brighten things up this week with a bright and colorful top and color coordinate it with a truckers hat. Break up the monotony with a black pair of jeans and a simple shoe. If you want to raise the bar a little, try throwing your school supplies into this Marc by Marc Jacobs Square Shopper.

Style On, 
Alicia Gonzalez

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Must Have Rain Gear

April 13, 2013

Although spring HAS arrived, we've all heard the term "April showers bring May flowers." Here in Savannah the rain has been pouring like cats and dogs. Whether your style is classic, fun or serious, I've found the perfect looks for you. When looking for the essential go to rain items, I had plastic on the brain. It just seems like the most effective way to strut through the puddles. I'm loving the Furla candy bag, it's perfect for those wet days and it's see through. Which rain style suits you the best?  

Alicia G.

Outfit Post: Reviving The Victorian Era

April 11, 2013

top: Express (old, similar here) | jeans: Machine (similar here) | clutch: Michael Kors (old, similar here) | jewelry: old | boots: Michael Antonio via HauteLook (same pair here and they're on sale!)

Ciao fashion lovers! I hope that your week is going great and very fashionable! Today's outfit post is one of my favorites because I love taking old pieces of clothing from my wardrobe and reviving them. The lace floral top that I am wearing I have owned for over 10 years. I almost got rid of it a few months ago but something was telling me to hold on to it and now I know why. My everyday wardrobe consists of wearing comfortable clothing but with an edge. So, this week my goal was to accomplish a "dressy" look without being uncomfortable. After all, I'm a student who sits in a classroom all day who doesn't want to be annoyed by what she's wearing. It is possible to have style without all the hassle. Do you like my take on my old top?

Alicia G.

He Was A Skater Boy!

April 9, 2013

If you’re one of the many wishing for warm weather don’t fret, because here in Savannah the weather is dreadful. Spring break is over and school has become the usual monotonous routine. Nights are filled with studying to the max and mornings consist of irritating alarm clocks that break our peaceful dreams. Another school quarter, another day and another homework assignment, all of which might have you feeling out of sorts this week. My suggestion: dress like who you want to be. Sometimes it’s fun to dress yourself into a different role, and it helps break up the monotony.

We all remember the overplayed but very catchy song “Sk8er Boi,” by Avril Lavigne, and this week’s Fashionisto had Sk8er Boi written all over him. I spotted him in my early morning art history class; he was the perfect burst of energy to get this week’s column going. His look is fresh with a taste of urban and that’s why I headed over to Urban Outfitters to find you just right the pieces. This gingham shirt is the foolproof way to get this look, and it’s on sale! Pair it with a comfy cardigan like this one here. The skater boy look no longer consists of baggy low-rise jeans; nowadays skaters wear a form-fitting jean like the Levi’s 511 Jean.

Looking for the perfect shoe to perform all of your skater tricks in? The Chuck Taylor Washed Canvas edition will provide you with the comfort and confidence needed to hit your feet every time. They come looking faded and worn, so don’t get caught up in looking too polished. This look is meant to look urban. Finally, no skater would be complete without a beanie. I’m digging this multi-colored one here.

Hint: Dress yourself into a different identity. The great thing about fashion is that we can dress in all sorts of styles one day and completely change it the next. Think outside the box this week and dress like a skater boy. To accomplish this, pair a plaid gingham shirt underneath a comfy cardigan. Put on a pair of dark wash jeans underneath, slip on some Chuck Taylor’s and cover your noggin with a beanie and you’ll have yourself singing the lyrics to “Sk8er Boi” in no time.

Spring Must-Haves Under $100

April 6, 2013

I think it's safe to say that spring has arrived and to me, spring is the perfect time for change. I've noticed a lot of bright colors and mixing of textures on the streets lately and I'm loving these spicy trends. It's easy to find expensive trendy clothing and accessories but the real challenge is to achieve style on a budget. No need to fret, I have done all of the hard work for you this week. Check out my spring must-haves under $100 for the perfect spring wardrobe. Which of my picks are your favorites? 

xoxo, Alicia G.

Bright Colors

April 4, 2013

Get the look: Top: Forever 21 (similar here) | Pants: Lucky Brand Jeans (similar here) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar here) | Bag: Kate Spade | Ring: Fabrik | Necklace: Forever 21

I got my first Kate Spade bag when I was down in Florida last week and I absolutely love it. The bright coral color is show stopping. I found my teal top and shoes go quite well with it. Enjoy! :) 

Alicia G. 

Spring Into The New Season

April 2, 2013

Spring is officially here, and that means summer is right around the corner. It’s time to pack up your winter gear and pull out those tank tops and shorts you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet. Your wardrobe is screaming for an overhaul, and this week, I’m going to show you just how to accomplish this.

Some of the best pieces in your wardrobe are the ones that can translate from one season to the next. As this week’s Fashionisto demonstrates, flats are an easy way to keep your outfits engaging and they can easily spring into the new season’s trends. I was lucky enough to find a similar pair from Zara here. One of my favorite current trends are the Ray-Ban sunglasses. This accessory is a fun and simple way to add a little surfer cool to your vibe without over doing it. I’ve found the perfect classic pair here.

Spring is definitely a time for change. Embrace the change in your wardrobe and try things what you’ve never tried before. Polka-dots are the perfect way to bring a little spring flair into your life; polka-dots aren’t just for the girls! Prints and patterns are becoming more and more unisex in fashion, and this goes for polka-dots, too. See for yourself at Urban Outfitters here. Renovate your wardrobe by pairing your dots with denim jeans and a lightweight jacket. Remember that fashion is always changing, but it’s what you do with the new trends that dictate your style. In the famous words of Coco Chanel, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

Hint: Embrace change this week in your wardrobe. Stock up on flats, sunglasses and denim jeans. Pair your favorite jean with a polka-dot top. Add a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and say hello to your new and improved wardrobe. Take it a step further with a cool and lightweight jacket. This new look will not only have you feeling good but it will also have you digging out those buried New Year’s resolutions in no time.

Style On, 

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