Spring Is In The Air

February 28, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

"Spring Is The Time For Plans And Projects."
-Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina  

Enjoy my Spring 2013 must-haves! 

Hot pink bodycon dress

By malene birger
$455 -

Rupert Sanderson high heels

Mint handbag

Friis Company plastic jewelry
$26 -


Marc Jacobs fragrance

Waterford Lismore perfume bottle
$115 -


February 26, 2013

If anyone knows camouflage, it’s me! I served in the United States Army for six years. If you think that your wardrobe is redundant, try wearing the exact same thing for six years straight — talk about monotonous! If there was one thing I said I would never wear again, it was camouflage. But I couldn’t help but love this Fashionisto’s new and fresh take on what was such a familiar print.

Rule number one for pairing alike prints is to ensure that you use different colored tones. For example, this Fashionisto paired a dark pair of corduroy camouflage pants with a light toned camouflage blazer. The combination is eye-catching and the contrasting tones create a harmonious look.

Being in the Army means always being very cautious of the wear and appearance of your uniform, and seeing this Fashionisto spice things up with a checkered scarf was a daring but noteworthy move. He was breaking all the rules and he didn’t even know it! I commended his risk-taking maneuver because this scarf was just what his outfit needed. Since we have so much of the same print going on here, what we really need is something to add a little gusto to it. The addition of a contrasting scarf helps to break up the monotony from the allover print and gives the viewer something to concentrate on.

Hint: Before setting out on your journey to become a soldier, remember to mix prints together in contrasting tones. Too much of one color is not a good thing; adding in different shades really gives your outfit a little jurisdiction. For a full militant look, leather boots are the way to go. Whether in combat or on the fashion streets, nothing is tougher than a sole fit with a leather boot. Roger out!

Style On, 

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Digital Prints To Spice Up Your Life!

February 19, 2013

Sometimes it’s hard to step out of the monotony of your wardrobe. It’s that time in the quarter when grabbing an outfit that you know will work every time seems like the safest route, but why not try mixing it up and adding a little spice to your life? Step outside of the safe zone and bring your outfit to life with fun digital prints. New York Fashion Week is in full swing and the runway is flooded with digital prints. Check out Katie Eary, a London based menswear designer who really knows how to bring her looks to 
life through prints.

It was a dreary, wet and rainy day in the SAV. The week was coming to an end and I could finally kiss my midterms goodbye. The stress of the week had been wearing me down and sleep was just the remedy I needed to bring me back to my perky self. The completion of my last class of the week felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders and just when I was about to call it a day, I spotted a ray of sunshine strutting down the street. This bone crushing Fashionisto was just what the doctor ordered.

Shopping for digital prints isn’t as hard as you might think. This trend is really starting to take form and become more available. Look to Your Eyes Lie for some striking T-shirts at a very fashion forward price. Leggings for men, or “meggings” if you prefer, are another big trend we are going to start seeing more often, and would look great with a digital print. They are a quick and comfortable go-to item that you can have fun with – I love these leggings from ASOS.

Hint: Spice up your life through digital prints. Step away from your regular go-to items and try something new. Whether you decide to wear prints on the top, bottom or even both, remember that you will be making a fashion statement. Try pairing a digital print legging with a cool toned sweater like this week’s Fashionisto. Add a pop of color to your shoe to complete your look and let your outside shine.

Style On, 

The Grammys 2013: What Dress Was Your Favorite?

February 13, 2013

    The Grammys this year definitely fell flat for me. I was so excited to watch the red carpet event but found it pretty boring once it started. I think that due to the clothing restrictions placed on the artists, a lot of them made it a point to break the rules. I felt that that was a little taboo and was overly done for publicity. I love Jennifer Lopez and she never stops surprising me but this time her dress was definitely outside of the dress code. *tisk* *tisk* Kelly Rowland was another one that I felt skirted the line for being inappropriate. Although her black cutout dress was strikingly beautiful, I thought it was the wrong choice for such a high profile classy event. 

   Above all the drama, I felt the best dressed ladies were Taylor Swift in the white J. Mendel dress, Carrie Underwood in the black strapless Roberto Cavalli and Rihanna in the Azzedine Alaia. I loved these combinations because each lady kept it very classy but not boring. 

   Rihanna’s dress was a bright red and was a tad bit see-through in her abdomen area. THIS is how you add a little sexiness to your look without over doing it. Carrie Underwood is always very classy within her selections and her dress complemented her figure very well. It was the perfect choice. She jeweled herself up with a $31 million dollar necklace, which was just the right amount of jewelry. I also really enjoyed her projection dress that she wore during her performance. It just goes to show how far the fashion industry and technology have come. It reminded me so much of the Jean Paul Gaultier bride dress from his 2006 Collection. It's amazing to see how far ahead of the times some Fashion Designers can be.  And lastly, we have Taylor Swift, despite my thoughts on her as an artist, I felt that her dress was very flattering and age appropriate. It reminded me a little bit of the 1920’s flapper look and I loved the addition of the gold straps.  

Fashion Always,
Alicia G. 

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dressing Like A Chap!

February 12, 2013

With the weather in an undecided state these days, it’s a toss up in the morning on what selections are going to be the right ones. Savannah’s weather might be iffy, but my Fashionisto’s style definitely isn’t. He is dressed just like a young chap. I pictured him strolling down the British Isles, messenger bag in hand, on his way to school.

Let’s face it — getting dressed in the morning might be the last thing on your mind, Fashonistos. With midterms just around the corner, I’m sure all you’re worrying about these days is acing those exams, but dressing for success doesn’t have to be a tiring effort by just following a few simple tips.

What I really enjoyed about this week’s Fashionisto was the overall effort he made to pull a potentially boring outfit together into an eye-catching one. I normally start at the top of an outfit and work my way down, but who can deny his perfect oxfords? These shoes are a classy addition to an already classic look. I love the pop of color they give to the outfit against his blue jeans. His double-breast peacoat was an amazing complement to his “English Chap” look. Saks Fifth Avenue has a great selection, but I was very intrigued by this peacoat by BOSS Black.

When it comes to school and our heavy books we have to lug to class everyday, this Fashionisto has found an easy and fashion forward way to do it. His olive green messenger bag was a great accessory to his already stylish outfit. J.Crew has the perfect bag for you here. Now it’s time to get your head back in those books and study!

Hint:  When pulling this look together, shop for a deep caramel colored oxford shoe and pair it with a deep blue jean. Finish your outfit with a dark olive green peacoat. Stuff your books into a complementing messenger bag, and you’re on your way to being a chap.


February 5, 2013

   Fur, fur and more fur is where our fashion story begins this week, Fashionistos. For centuries, women have been the focal point for this fabulous fabric — however, lately, we are starting to see fur ensembles seep into menswear. Check out John Galliano’s fall 2012 collection for full on fur moments. This Fashionisto is wearing a coat that looks quite similar to one of the looks featured. Can you find the look I’m talking about? Fashionistos can rock fur just as well as the Fashionistas can!

   Fur is a beautiful texture that can add a little spunk to your look, but there are careful steps to consider before leaping out in your finest fur. To ensure that your fluff is a hit every time, be cautious of how you pair it. The last thing you want is to come across like a mishmash. Unless you’re willing to spend big bucks for a full length fur coat like my Fashionisto is sporting, I suggest this fur collared coat from Topman as an easy alternative.

   This Fashionisto has paired his fur coat with a casual pair of blue jeans. Try the Brett Modern Bootcut In Clean Jean from 7 For All Mankind. Nobody knows their jeans like this company does. Their fit is amazing and you can wear them in so many different ways. Let’s take this Fashionisto’s direction and wear them with the 1490 Dr. Martens boot in smooth black. The combination of these pieces will have you on your way to riving the 1930s.

Hint: Go bold or go home is my motto 
Fashionistos! If you’re daring enough to wear fur, I say take it all the way. A full length fur coat is big statement, but when done right like this Fashionisto, it’s to be a hit. Pair a full length fur coat with a skinny blue jean and Dr. Martens and then wrap an eye catching belt around your waist to break up the monotony, like the one by Prada here. Are you daring enough to be fur-bulous?