What's In My Bag?

March 1, 2013

#1. Dior Addict Lipstick, Palace 354 (I never go out without it) #2. Michael Kors Iphone Case (similar here + here) #3. Nivea Shine Gloss #4. Michael Kors Wallet (similar here) #5. My Business Cards (You just never know who you'll run into) #6. Ralph Lauren Specks  #7. MacBook Air (The most important item in my purse)

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote (similar here)

I've been very inspired since joining Independent Fashion Bloggers. I can't believe the amount of talented bloggers there are out there. I recently saw a 'What's In My Bag?" post on a fellow fashion bloggers site and thought, "What a great idea!" So here's my stab at it Fashionistas/os. Enjoy!


  1. I always envy people who have such an organised bag!


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