LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: School Is Back In Session!

January 15, 2013

    Let’s face it, Fashionistos. It’s back to the grind with endless art projects and late night trips to Starbucks. Although school is back in session, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be too. Whether you’re located in the chilly north or living the warm life here in Savannah, Georgia, beat those back to school blues with a touch of summer in your look.
   I spotted my Fashionisto this week strutting his cool toned blues on the streets of SAV.  From his hiked up argyle socks to his timeless Converse All-Stars, I couldn’t resist this look. Every Fashionisto should own a pair of Converse. Check out these for an effortless vibe every time. Sock’s the limit is what this Fashionisto’s style screamed at me this week. Dress socks are a perfect way to spice up a bland outfit. Not only can you wear them with a nice pair of slacks but for a casual feel, pull them up and wear them like my Fashionisto has. You can find all different styles and colors here. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring once in a while, boys! After all, sometimes fashion is something that just happens. Go with your instincts and you are bound to put together an effortless look!
   Sweater season is still present, so when picking out the perfect top, choose colors that will stand out. Neon is the trend right now and Hollister Co. is a fabulous place to find a sweater that will keep you warm but still give you that surfer summer feel. Let’s also not forget about out our accessories, Fashionistos! Every one of you should own a chunky watch. Whether it’s a Michael Kors like my Fashionisto or a Movado that you are sporting, time is of the essence and a chronograph should always be spotted around your wrist.

Hint: When putting this look together, mix colors that are in the same shade or tone. It will give you an easy going casual feel that will have heads turning. Be a little daring and hike up your socks and pair them with a classic pair of Converse All-Stars.

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