SWEATER FETISH: Take Note Of This Fashionista's Posh Style!

November 7, 2012

Take out your pens and a piece paper you studious fashion lovers! It's time to take some notes from my featured Fashionista. After the horrible events caused by Hurricane Sandy, the weather has been a bit "under" the normal weather. This mother nature dilemma is the perfect excuse to throw on your warmest sweater dress and kiss that chill goodbye. Finals are certainly in sight but this week we are going to focus on a different kind of learning experience. I am sure many of you are burning the midnight oil as crunch time becomes less and less apparent but in the words of Stacey Bendet "Taking time to live life will only inspire your work." So drop those books and get ready for this posh styling lesson.
   First things first, my Fashionista is sporting a dress from the Korean brand 59 seconds, you can shop their clothing at websites such as for a very fashion worthy price tag. I also came across primo striped, patterned and color blocked dresses available at Nordstrom's. My style guru has topped her dress off with a black belt and buckle from Kimchi Blue, shop their pieces at Urban Outfitters. To complete this look grab a pair of flats from shoe heaven available at Steve Madden

Style tip: If you are looking for a more casual or comfortable look, wear your dress with a  pair of flats. If you want a dressed up and professional look, combine the Chryssa bootie from Coach and a black pair of tights.  

   Lastly, accessorizing this outfit can be fun and quirky. For a charming and playful vibe, wrap this Queen Alice Toggle Necklace around your neck from Tarina Tarantino. Or if you are going for the clean and polished look, frost yourself off with a Sabine Vintage Rhinestone Necklace. The point is to have fun with it! Let loose a little and let your girlie side shine through this week. Winter is obviously here my lovelies, which means the blues are doomed to set in eventually. Try pulling yourself out of your funk by visually pleasing your audience. Think of it as playing dress up and you're bound to be one happy trendsetter. Pencils down because time's up Fashionista's! Our styling session has now concluded. Now get your head's back in those books and ace those finals!

Fashion Always,
Alicia G.  


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