Choies Wish List

May 18, 2013

1. Satin Perspex Heeled Sandals | 2. Native Pencil Skirt | 3. Patent Block Heeled Sandals | 4. Chiffon Blouse In Floral Print | 5. High Waist Shorts | 6. Pointed High Heeled Sandal Boots | 7. English Letters Pattern Loose T-shirt | 8. Blue Dipped Tassels Skirt | 9. Shirt With Vintage Print | 10. Two-Double Vintage Sunglasses In Leopard Print | 11. Sapphire Blue Acrylic Hard Box Bag

I'm loving this new site I found: If you haven't checked it out, it's a must! I've applied to be a Fashion Blogger for them. Wish me luck!

Alicia G.


  1. I want it ALL LOL!!! Especially that NY tee (my home state)



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